The story so far

The new year celebs have passed and I have just been down the workshop for the first time this year to make a start on building up some stock and designing some new work which I will launch at The British Craft Trade show (April) which is in Harrogate, Yorkshire UK.
From late October to mid December I was in selling mode, the plan is to sell lots then and when things are quiete in the early part of the year I can chill out a bit and think of new things for the spring and summer shows. All of the shows I do on the Christmas run are mixed craft shows, some with a mix of dubious crafts! like buy something from poundland and stick a bow on it. In the end they all turned a profit so I can’t complain, you can’t be too snobbish about the mix at these shows as there is also a mix of public coming in and you can offer them culture but they want tat and of course it works both ways.
I have spent some time applying for shows including some that have just ceramics. So far I am off to Potfest in Cumbria and Scotland.
I thought on this blog I would offer some how to do it tips which I will get together for a future post now that I am back to work in the meantime if you want to see what I do –

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3 Responses to The story so far

  1. Hi David. I’m off now to follow you because I need all the help I can get with my ceramics and will take any tips out there 🙂

    I’ve got a ceramics page started on pinterest if you’d like to take a look. Some of my favourtite pieces and the kind of work I’d like to aspire to in 2013, that’s if all my other interests don’t get in the way. My main problem is glazing – but isn’t that always the case 🙂

    I knew you were English when you used the word knaff. Having been here in Houston, TX for more years than I care to admit I love any connection with home. So, nice to meet you.


    • potteryman says:

      Hi Deborah, One of my main interests is glaze making and testing. Everytime I pack a kiln I will have several tests going in. They may be what I call “I wonder what would happen if-” and other times just a bit of adjusting. Most glaze muck ups come from too thin or too thick so I have a pint bottle that I fill with glaze and weigh it then make a note of the weight. On the next firing if it was too thin -remove water before stirring. Keeping records of what you do is important for me as I have a large kiln and the firings can be 2 months apart and it’s easy to forget what you have done. I will take a look at pinterest.
      Good luck
      Just ask-happy to help

  2. Pete's Pots says:

    Hi, thanks for picking up on the blog. I shall follow your swith interest – I’ve had a look at your website – seriously impressive work.

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