Potters tip

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  I have started to make some stock before making orders and some new one off pots. Some potters just make one off pieces but I prefer to do a mix. The way in which I sell is varied, the one offs go to galleries, the repeated ones go to shops and  craft centres and what is usually called “bread and butter pots” go to mixed craft shows. I do prefer to show a mix of everything  I do so as to maximise the sales.

When you are at a show it will attract everyone from the family on a day out to a passionate collector, it would be sad if the family felt outpriced by high end prices. Never forget that a small purchase can often lead to a larger one later.

TIP  The pots in the picture are poppy heads ( see my garden page www.potteryman.co.uk) and there are several processes they have to go through. They are thrown on bisque tiles which I purchased from a tile company, the tile is held on the wheel on a wooden batt with a square insert that then locates on the pegged wheelhead. The tile dries the pot faster, it relocates central in seconds for turning and filling the top in, they are then removed with a fine wire ready for the next process. I use these tiles for tall vases, jugs etc that would all be difficult to turn upside down.

Click on follow for more tips and feel free to ask if you have a pottery problem.

ps I did promise not to bore you with what I’m having for dinner but I am using a casserole dish I made over 10 years ago – still going strong.

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