Talk and Tips

Image0034On my last blog I had only just got back to making after Christmas and a prolonged period of selling. The workshop is begining to fill up, I have made some stock and finished making orders. At this time of year it’s cold and damp so getting pots dry is a real problem. In the past I would work in near freezing temperatures which was miserable so have installed a wood burner. This leads to wasting time as all potters are pyromaniacs so I’m always stoking it, the bonus being that I have a good supply of woodash for my glazes.

I was pleased to get an order from Rufford country park gallery(Nottinghamshire), they have been selling my red spot range for a couple of years and it seems to sell well there. At Rufford they run Earth and Fire, it’s a brilliant show of around 100 potters. I did it in 2011 but haven’t managed to get selected again. With the selected shows the competition for a space is hard as there are a lot of potters trying for for too few spaces. Some of the potters are high profile names but that doesn’t mean that their work is better than other more anonymous makers. I do wonder if the selectors nod through the more well known, I would like to think not but their status must draw the visitors in.

Tip The pot in the picture will end up as a flying pig which I  sell through mixed craft fairs and shops, the base(now upside down) needs to be round. A lot of potters make a soft clay a chuck and cover it in an off-cut of tights. I have made several sizes of chuck , biscuit fired them and screw them down to a batt. My batts have two holes in and locate on the wheel head that has two studs so it locates centrally. It’s suprising how quick you can turn pots with this method. This way of turning can also be used for bottle shapes and I have also made some eccentric dishes that will not lay flat on the wheelhead so I place them on top of the chuck.

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