Repetition throwing

Image0036When the uninitiated public watch a potter throw a pot on the wheel they tend to gasp in amazement that from a squiggy ball of clay a pot is produced, if you can repeat the process they are awe inspired. Once you have mastered the basics of throwing you need to know a few basic rules to repeat what you have made.

First weigh the clay and throw the first pot, you then need to have a pointer set at the outside of the rim. The picture shows a store jar and you can see the pointer(mines on a hinge so that I can move it out of the way) at the top of the pot. As this pot is going to have a lid I have small bits of dowel cut so that I can check the inside diameter so that all the lids will fit all the pots. Take the pot off the wheel and start the next pot, you will be suprised how easy it is when you have the pointer to aim for.

Make a note of the dimensions – weight, height, diameter at the top and if the pot has a belly note that too. The belly diameter can be checked with calipers or just by eye.

Now if you want a bit of fun go on to you tube and search for – Guinness world pot throwing record  – I’m the one in the middle, it’s fair to say I came last but I still managed 75 pots in an hour. Between the three potters we made over 300 pots all the same height and diameter using the above method.

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  1. chiahuie says:

    Thank you for the tips

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