Talk and Tips.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOscars for potters? You might think it unlikely but the Craft&Design magazine(uk) run  a website called selected and you can vote for a craftsman(including ceramics)on the site. You can vote several times for different crafts. The winners get a lot of coverage in the magazine and it helps to raise the profile of ceramics and other crafts.

The days of the anonymous potter being discovered are long gone so you have to shout about yourself at lot more now so be nice and vote for me  – thanks if you do

Tip This is my gas kiln which has done over 700 firings. To pack the back two stacks of shelves you have to remove one shelf at the front and stand in the flue(it’s downdraught) the front is then packed from outside. My last kiln was about 5 feet from flue to the roof and I’m around 9 inches taller so everytime I packed the kiln I got a neck ache. When I moved workshops and built this one I made it to measure so when I pack the back I have an inch of headroom.

The other consideration with self made kilns is the door, a lot of potters use loose bricks to make the door, my last kiln had this arrangement. One day while I was  bricking it up I timed myself and I worked it out that every year I spent 40 hours building it up and taking it down so with this kiln I made a hinged door -not too sure what I’ve done with my spare 40 hours probably made more pots!!

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