Talk and tips


 I have been busy preparing for the British Craft Trade Show which is in Harrogate , Yorkshire UK. It starts on Sunday and runs for 3 days -7th-9th. The jar above is in a glaze that I have been developing for some time it’s a chun type glaze that comes up slightly purple and if you put copper on top it spreads and vapourises on the surface. If you go on my gallery page you will see a few more –  If you have never done a trade show it’s like doing a craft or potfair in reverse; you take samples of what you make and galleries and shops order the work and you go back and make it – that’s the scary bit. With absolute one offs like the jar above you just have to tell them it may be different but you are talking to gallery owners who usually have a good in depth knowlege of the vagaries of hand made products.


When you show at a trade event be totally organised, possibly do a practice and set your stand up in the workshop, take a pic when you have it right. Be sure to have information to hand out and if anyone looks half interested pounce on them – don’t allow anyone to look without at least saying  hello. Gallery owners are not shy but they are busy people they can skim past your stand in a few seconds, they often know what they are looking for – to suit their gallery image but don’t be put off they may change what they do at a later date. Never leave your stand, if nature calls get the next booth to keep an eye out. It’s all common sense but you will be surprised how many think it’s a social occasion and ignore people looking at their work. If someone shows interest try to get contact details from them then after the show give them a reminder of your meeting.

If you are in the UK and come to visit come and say hi -I’m on 327

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3 Responses to Talk and tips

  1. Pete's Pots says:

    Useful information – and a very nice pot! Good luck at Harrogate.

  2. i especially liked the bit where you say it’s scary. i’m really looking into trade shows right now, and how to market myself, etc. etc. and am going hot and cold almost on an hourly basis. I appreciated hearing that it’s scary for others as well, and not just newbies.

  3. Jane Sarre says:

    Sounds like a good tip on getting them to leave contact details. Think I’ll work up some sort of mailing list sign up…

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