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sail adYou might think what has sailing got to do with ceramics and because you are a potter  you may think whats the point of entering art competitions? When you register with your local council with their arts program as I have they send you all that’s going on. A lot may be of no interest but some times it’s good not to dismiss it out of hand. A point in question was when I received an email relating to designing a sail for for the White Horses project in conjunction with Whitstable sailing club, Kent. UK. Basically the idea is to have a floating artwork of sails designed by different artists.

I did dabble at painting a long time ago but now I concentrate on pots and glazes, some glazes look great when you photograph them on a machro lens so thinking outside of the box I entered a few close ups of pots and the result was my image has been accepted and will be on show on 11th August sailing around with the other art works. The image above was on a dish glazed in tenmoku(black glaze) golden brown and copper red applied then the pattern was waxed and an over glaze of turquoise was poured on which resisted where the wax is.

If you follow my blog I was just off to Scotland for Potfest at Scone palace which was very good with some fantastic work on show. At present I am glazing work for Potfest in Penrith which is held not in a palace but in a cattle market – my life is full of contrast. For potfest info go to White horses info is on Facebook and if you want to see more of my work see

Tip –  very simple- Think outside of the box.

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