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Last week was my birthday (thanks to my Facebook friends for the good wishes). For the last few years my birthday coincides with Potfest in the pens which is organized by potters Geoff and Chris Cox. Every year there is a competition, this years theme was clocks; the main prize is the front cover to Craft and design magazine  then later in the evening there is a potters meal with prizes from potters from different countries. Potfest is truly international and each country donates a prize -usually alchohol from their country.

My clock was quite deep and meaningful for a mug and jug potter – the base has a life clock with 0-70 years + then a tower representing archaelogical time from fossils to present living animals. On top of the tower a thinker holds a clock contemplting time while two mirrors reflect back on each other to eternity.

For my efforts I won the Japanese prize from Fumihiro Fuyushiba who travels to England each year to take part in British shows. As every prize up to this point was booze I thought the prize  must be saki but instead it was shushi preserved and presented in a lovely box – by this time the 130 plus potters had consumed  a fair amount of the prizes and I got a raucos rendition of happy birthday – brilliant.

For those that follow my blog you may remember that I used one of my glaze detail pictures for a design a sail competition so this weekend at Whitstable regatta all the winners saw their designs as sails and banners – see the White horses web site

TIp just go in for anything – you never know where it may lead you and take a look at the Potfest websites as ther are some great pots on them.


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