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Its been a long time since I posted as the end of the year is my busiest time. Starting in September I make then around late October I start selling. The shows I do on the Christmas run are usually mixed craft shows, some are strictly hand made items but others can be a mix of bought in goods and hand makers; this doesn’t bother me as long as I know in advance what I’m letting myself in for.

For those who would like a quick run through ( all UK shows) I started with Newmarket which is a good show craft wise but on the decline with visitor numbers due I think to the date forever changing. The next week was my annual Open weekend which was brilliant, I invited over 300 then hoped they wouldn’t all turn up at once. You always need to invite more as only a small percentage turn up, I sell off lots of pots that I call Dave’s experiments plus of course lots of good ones and I also got several orders. Then it was off to Blenheim Palace with a cast of thousands turning up in coaches and cars. Numbers don’t always mean you will sell a lot, sometimes too many will just make the people happy to have walked from one end to the other but I was pleased with what I sold. Following from this Hatfield House, this venue has the well known Art in clay show but this show is a bit of an elevated market with 85% bought in stuff some of which was complete tat! I have done it before so I knew what to expect and I did well enough. Then I was at a Country Living show at Harrogate this I thought would be good, the show was expensive and a hassle to unload etc. thousands of well heeled ladies turned up and some guys as well. The saying ” All fur coat and no knickers” springs to mind as sales were poor compared to how much the show cost. Talking to other stall holders most found it the same. My last show of the year was a cheapie / goodie a local show in Rochester, Kent to celebrate Charles Dickens. Thousands descend on the town, it’s not mega money but considering the lower table fees and the fact that there is no travelling involved I love it.

Tips If you want any advice on mixed or ceramic shows just ask but here are a few tips that may help:

Book electricity for lighting if available.

Always plan out your space before going, don’t have a committee meeting at the venue, agree on how to set up a week before.

Listen to other craft workers they will always give honest reports on other shows.

Keep your money safe on you not in a biscuit tin and if possible take visa which can be done with a smart phone now.

Vote for me Each year I take part in the Craft & Design selected site which you can browse, I made it into the final 6 last year help me to get a gold gong by voting at

Thank you if you do vote



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